The Puls fitness – Recreation sector Customer Charter demonstrates our commitment to you, as our Customer, to provide exceptional customer service by making each and every visit to our Centre an enjoyable one.

We shall remain accountable and consistent in our approach to any Customers needs. As a Puls fitness, our facilities and services will be accessible to everyone, and we strive to ensure that our staff are equipped with the information for every query that develops.

The staff centre will achieve this commitment by:


• We will serve you in a quick and friendly manner

• We will ensure all written communication is consistent

• We will continue to develop our service by implementing best practice procedures

• You will always be treated with honesty and respect


• We will take responsibility in giving you correct information regarding our facilities, programs and services.

• We will be consistent in our dealings with you.

• Your enquiries will be handled according to their complexity, by Centre staff who have the appropriate experience and level of authority.

• We will listen courteously, if we have made an error, we will rectify the mistake and apologise.


• We welcome your feedback as it provides us with the opportunity to improve our facilities, programs and services.

• We will shape our programs and services to be available to as many people as possible regardless of cost, background or disability.

• Our Centre will be opening at the times specified and advertised.

• It is our goal that no one, as a result of their social, cultural, geographical, educational, physical   or economic situation will be denied an opportunity to participate in Puls fitness activities, which aim to build strong people, families and communities